• Open Plan

      Giles, Jamie and Kevin are viewing a one-bedroom flat and deciding whether to move in together. Their relationship is atypical, but not half as messy as their estate agent’s.   Password: openplan

    United Kingdom 10 Minutes
  • Amor de Dios

      During the last days of summer, Paula visits Edu in his new flat in Madrid. Together they will experience a weekend of uncovered feelings through white lies, unrequited love, and the uncertainty of a future that implies certain […]

    Spain 13 Minutes
  • Undercurrent

      An unspoken love between a young gay man and a straight guy…   Undercurrent Film Review

    United Kingdom 22 Minutes
  • Nos

      Focused on the delicacy and difficulties of falling in love with someone of the same gender, we follow Eleanor when her life turns into a different direction as she meets Julia, an innocent girl who wakes every day […]

    United States 11 Minutes
  • Scratch*

      A female rookie armoured truck guard is caught between her co-workers’ plot to rob their own truck and greedy gangsters desperate to grab the loot.   *Only a trailer is available for now.

    Canada 96 Minutes
  • Elijah’s Ashes

      Lawrence Shaw is a run of the mill guy who just can’t get accepted for being who he is. He’s not straight enough for his job where he sells testosterone fueled ad campaigns to beer companies and he’s […]

    United States 86 Minutes
  • She Exists

      An intimate before and after portrait of a Man who goes to extreme lengths in order to forsake his identity and embody his true persona.   Film link: https://vimeo.com/152431881 Film password: SheExists127 She Exists Critique Review

    United Kingdom 6 Minutes
  • The Owls*

      The eldest son is suddenly required to bring food to the table, as both his parents find themselves unemployed and adopt a rather passive stance to life. The son turns to prostitution to make ends meet, which eventually […]

    Greece 10 Minutes
  • Split Costs (TRAILER)

      Two young women from disparate backgrounds share a ride to western Massachusetts where traumatic setbacks force each to make pivotal decisions at an unforeseen crossroads.  

    United States 1 Minutes
  • Soft Skin, Violence in the Eyes

      Alma bears Duna’s abuses because of the attraction she feels for her, until one night when Alma breaks her silence and intends to show that she is capable of inflicting the same pain.  

    Spain 7 Minutes
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