• 6 Box Office Flops of Last Year

    Sometimes, you have that one brilliant film idea that should by all means awe everybody. If you also manage to attract a star-studded cast and spend millions on marketing the film-to-be, cash should flow right in, right? Wrong. So […]

    by Julian A. Leu Minutes
  • 8 Great Football Films

    The FIFA World Cup in Russia started almost a week ago, so I guess there’s no pressing need for something to put us into a footballing atmosphere. Not to mention the fact that it is rather difficult to squeeze […]

    by Julian A. Leu Minutes
  • 6 Series to Watch Now

    The April-May interval of the year was commonly known in the last few years as ‘Game of Thrones time’. There has rarely been a TV series that captured such a large segment of the market as Game of Thrones […]

    by Julian A. Leu Minutes
  • 6 Indie Films You Might Have Missed

    It’s very easy to know when a blockbuster film is released. There’s a 78% chance that at least 59% of your Facebook friends will each post a check-in when they go to the cinema in order to watch the […]

    by Julian A. Leu Minutes
  • 5 Recent Palme d’Or Winners

    There’s less than a month left until my favourite film festival of the year, Cannes, holds its annual awards. A few short days ago it published its Official Selection list, which you can have a look at here. With […]

    by Julian A. Leu Minutes
  • 7 Mistakes to Avoid in Making a Short Film

    Sort films are great for more reasons than one. First, they are entertaining in their own right, and often end up transmitting just as much meaning or emotion as feature films do – without feeling unnecessarily stretched. Second, they […]

    by Julian A. Leu Minutes