• 8 Films for a Proper Autumnal Mood

    Each year, around this period, we stop and think things through for a minute, and conclude that summer has indeed passed suspiciously fast. Sadness instills itself bit by bit, alongside a short-term sense of nostalgia for all those long […]

    by julianleu
  • 11 Highly Anticipated Films

    Summer is slowly but steadily drawing to a close, the days are constantly shrinking, and we’re not that far away from chilly, rainy weekends spent with a cup of piping hot tea or coffee in our hands, feverishly anticipating […]

    by julianleu
  • Top 7 Films Set During A Heatwave

    It’s a commonly known fact that summer is the warmest season of the year. Therefore, I would think it natural for warmth during this season to be expected. However, year in year out, we are constantly bombarded with news […]

    by julianleu
  • Top 5 Under 5 Pages Screenplay Festivals

    Did you know that J.K. Rowling told the story of a certain wizard named Harry Potter in 4224 pages? That’s all books combined, and it’s quite a fair amount, in all honesty. But this statistic shouldn’t put you off […]

    by julianleu
  • 7 French Films to Watch on France Day

    The countdown to celebrating the National Day of France has begun: seven days left until 14 July. Just like the storming of Bastille way back in 1789 represented a turning point in the French Revolution, French cinema has also […]

    by julianleu
  • Top 7 Films Better Than Their Book

    With just about everything in life, there are general rules as to how one thing or another mainly functions, but there are also exceptions to those rules. One such rule states that in at least 9 out of 10 […]

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