• Upcoming 2018 Blockbusters

    The first two first three months of the year are usually quiet when it comes to new releases. We get the big awards, and this is the time when most of the high-profile movies will be in cinemas. Late […]

    by Julian A. Leu Minutes
  • 10 Films that Critics Loved but Viewers Disliked

    People will never agree with each other – it’s a fact. Their tastes, experiences, levels of education, attention spans and temporary factors that affect the enjoyment one can get from a film all impact their perception of a given […]

    by Julian A. Leu Minutes
  • 5 Facts About the 2018 Oscars

    The Oscar nominations have finally been announced this week, and save for a few surprising omissions, the list is pretty much as everyone expected it to be. We’re not here to discuss the potential award winners – we’ve had […]

    by Julian A. Leu Minutes
  • 5 Highlights from the 2018 Golden Globe Awards

    Either the Globes have been scheduled really early this year, or the Academy Awards have been scheduled really late, but there’s almost two months inbetween the two neighbour awards. The Golden Globes often act as a trend-setter in how […]

    by Julian A. Leu Minutes
  • 10 Films to Watch this Christmas

    In case you were just cozying up in a bed of cushions underneath your recently decorated Christmas tree (unless you’re one of those weird indivuduals that had it up since late September), the thought of watching something Christmassy might […]

    by Julian A. Leu Minutes
  • 7 Films About Kings and Queens

    When you hear the word ‘queen’, chances are that you have the image of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in mind. British monarchs have been particularly influential throughout history, and continue to be widely recognised symbols of monarchy nowadays. […]

    by Julian A. Leu Minutes