Vlad Dorofte
Film Director, Critic and Reviewer
Vlad Dorofte grew up with films and animations he would watch on a video player during childhood. Also photography enthusiast, he started taking photography lessons in 2007 and in 2008 he won the 1st prize at an online photo competition juried (among others) by Dinu Lazar, an acclaimed Romanian photographer. During University he posted film critic reviews on different cinema sites and film blogs. Between 2009 and until 2014 he dedicated himself to directing short films and founded his own film production company: Gorun Film. Among other works he has been involved in are assistant directing, editing, co-producing and screenwriting related projects.
Benjamin Rider
Film Director, Writer and Cinematographer
Benjamin A. Rider was born in Harare, Zimbabwe. At the age of three he moved to South Africa for a year, and then onto Israel for most of his childhood before moving to London, England. In 2012, whilst studying at Queen Mary University of London, he produced his first professional short film, 'Aquarius' Mule' (2013). That summer he filmed the micro budget feature film 'To Love Somebody' (2014), which was edited as he completed his BA Hons in Film Studies at Queen Mary University of London. He has since completed the genre-bending anthology 'Seven Devils' (2015), the drama 'Forever Tomorrow' (2016), and a faux Shakespeare film, 'More Strange Than True' (2016). He has recently shot a collaborative feature with Xavier Baeyens, called 'Blood and Bones' (2017). And completed the shoot on 'Our Little Haven' (2017), which took 14 months to film in CinemaScope.
Roman Cooperman
Composer and Actor
Roman has studied at Central Music School at Moscow State Conservatory (percussions, piano), followed by studies at the Russian University of Theatre Arts (acting). He has been working in film industry since 2010 both as an actor and a composer. In 2014 he started his dubbing/voiceover career, and already had more than 100 films/TV-series dubbed/voiceovered in Russian.
Ciprian Iacob
Ciprian Iacob is a highly talented creative mind and music coordinator, already established as film music composer, with 6 years of experience in the industry gained through numerous fruitful projects in Romania, the UK, France and the US. His recent collaborations included the center state performance in The Masterpiece event-concert in 2014, a project involving top industry names such as Hans Zimmer, Thomas Bergersen, Uyanga Bold and others. Driven by a deep and passionate love for what he does, Ciprian Iacob is a constantly-evolving musician, with justified ambitions of one day becoming an important influence on the next generations of composers, having put his irrefutable mark on the effervescent art form which film music is.
Jane Sanger
Casting Director and Writer
With over 25 years in the entertainment industry teaching drama in theatre/film/tv, Jane Sanger is a casting director, film director, writer and editor who recently formed her own production company to make short and feature films. She really enjoys casting, having a great knowledge of emerging talent in her head as well as being able to call on spotlight, starnow, casting call pro and have cast for other people's films with success.
Alex Mill
Film Producer and Director
Alex Mill has her background in photography and editing, she spent years in a drama group during high school and she's been directing short films since the age of 15. Currently she is working in London, United Kingdom, as an assistant director and producer. As a recurring theme, Alex often brings the troubles of obsessed minds to the screen, much like in her first feature, The Immovables.
Rafael Rodriguez
Screenwriter, Critic
Lawyer of South American origin. Screenplay writer, Critic, Novelist and Cinephile. He´s been involved in several indie projects both from the inside as short movie scenarist and the outside as an analyst and consultant. His juridical background makes him objective and detail oriented while his love for the seventh art makes him very passionate and dedicated.