• Rincoman

    Walking on the school’s hallway, Simone looks introverted and upset treading cautiously. When a couple of older boys show up behind him grabbing him and pushing him into the toilet, it all becomes clear: he is about to be […]

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  • Flipped Out

    An old mobile freaks out when Granny, its owner, replaces it with a smart phone. In an access of rage the old piece of technology will try to put out its adversary. Jihyeon Bae’s short animation ‘Flipped Out‘ can suffer various […]

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  • City of my heart

    Coming from filmmaker and director Konstantinos Petsas, ‘City of my heart‘ is a lyric approach to depicting the city of Madrid, Spain. The director is successful in spotting and reflecting back the idyllic of the life in the city that one can […]

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  • Whoever Was Using This Bed

    A strange phone call wakes up a couple in the middle of the night. Unable to go back to sleep the woman starts sharing her fears with her husband: her biggest one is she would get bedridden and kept […]

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  • Long Yearning

    Humanity often impresses us through its expansive character, through its diversity and nevertheless through its emotional response. In ‘Long Yearning‘ director Elliot Spencer explores the exact reverse of it. Taking the shape of an experimental documentary, the film looks into […]

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  • Scars

    Jonas Rasmussen’s short experimental film ‘Scars‘ magnetises the viewer with its cinematography. The film in itself is a documentary about sci-fi artist Lars Mikkes, but the director structures it in 5 mini-acts conceptualising it into a poetic short experimental about […]

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  • Standing Eight

    What is left when the only thing you do best is taken away from you? ‘Standing Eight‘ directed by Brian Kazmarck and written by Kazy Tauginas, who is also the lead, focuses on the story of Dusty, a professional […]

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  • Eventide

    Life is ephemeral and the person is a moment of conscience fading out when facing eternity. Thoughts and plans turn to achievements as far as life circumstances allow it and the outcome doesn’t always meet the expectations at the […]

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    ‘The Winery‘ is the new short documentary shot in stop-motion technique coming from our already well-known among TMFF filmmakers, Nobilis Bellator. His videos are always entailing great lyricism to approach themes making parallelisms with humanity. ‘The Winery’ makes no exception. […]

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  • I Will Crush You & Go To Hell

    Two rebel independent sisters, Colorado and Louise, find out at their father’s funeral that all the money have been inherited by a mysterious Apple Pie. As they decide to get their money back and go looking for Apple Pie […]

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