• A Whole World For A Little World

    As a woman finds out about her terminal illness she tells her baby girl the story of her birth and records it as an attempt to exonerate her from the later to experience burdens and frustrations of growing without […]

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  • Bullets of Justice

    When the government makes a new experiment and designs a hybrid creature between man and pig with the intention of making a super soldier (project code name “Army Bacon” – hillarious) humans become the hunted, heads will start falling […]

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  • See You In Hell

    Charlie dies and wakes up on TV. Isn’t that an irony? To find out the show goes on television after death? In Oliver Ryder’s short comedy ‘See You In Hell‘ purgatory looks like the broadcast quiz game on Saturday […]

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    A man is attempting suicide but fails. However this doesn’t mean he has given up his idea. The reason? Unknown, but after his first failure he appears to be haunted by something… or someone… looking exactly like himself, only […]

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  • The Other Side

    A young woman who just lost her job is being left by her boyfriend due to unknown reasons. All of a sudden she wakes up on the floor. When she stands up and tries to open the window, something […]

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    A man is desperately trying to sell his guitar to find some money to provide for him and his wife. They are both living in a motel and with a disastrous financial situation. As he finally finds a buyer […]

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  • Barbara Ingram School For The Arts

    Bryce Berger, Derek Rose and Spencer Flannery team up to deliver ‘Barbara Ingram School For The Arts’, a presentation film about the school bearing the same name. While constituting good advertising for the school, the film also has some […]

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  • The Taste of Brussel Sprouts

    There comes a moment in a couple’s life when doubts arise regarding each other’s emotions. When questions emerge for Octave, a 76-year-old man, they will powerfully shake his 50 years of marriage with his wife Madeleine. The old man […]

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  • Withdrawn in Trepidation

    A young man confronts with haunting moments of paranoia. Attending his psychiatry sessions seems useless as the image of a mysterious silhouette of a man wearing a black coat insistently appears in his dreams. When Alex, the young man, […]

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  • Meat on Bones

    Caught in their daily cares and tiny problems looking big, one can easily forget about themselves and lose their will to break free from the burdens. And when burdens rush in, one finds shelter in living their lives mechanically […]

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