• Nikki Marianne

    High school period has a reputation for the intense passions it nurtures and every so often for its unfulfilled love crushes. An ‘era’ when Eros is stirring up the blood, sprinkling the path to maturation with secret yearnings, nostalgia […]

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    What is time? Do we need it? How do we feel about it? Is it tangible? Can we live without it? A beggar stands waiting in the street stretching out an empty can towards the passers by and with […]

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  • Man Is Cruel

    A man part of an evil sect is starting to doubt his actions. As a new victim is prepared to be executed he himself emerges as being trapped by the condition he had chosen.   Gustav Bondeson’s short film […]

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  • The Jigsaw

    A man is trying to purchase a jigsaw from a merchant but the merchant highlights the puzzle is not something the man should consider as it has been returned many times before by its clients. Of course what else […]

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  • This World We Live In

    Joey’s thoughts travel far, very far from his friends with whom he shares the locker room; he is having a moment of introspection, he has a revelation about the deep secret he is hiding. But when temptation rushes in […]

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  • Repatriation

    Douglas Mueller’s ‘Repatriation’ tells the story of a young solider that goes by the name of Chad Tyler who comes back from Iraq where he served his country. He comes back to his home city after a long period of […]

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  • Bad Sheriff

    When justice fails to serve its purpose what is there left to be done? An ex-policeman turns to a vigilante killer by the name of Bad Sheriff hunting down those who have committed crimes or injustices. But as he […]

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  • The Muse Will Find You Working

    A young awarded writer is working on her new project. But as she is working, a hole starts to appear in the wall behind her, distracting her and making her lose track of her ideas. As the hole grows […]

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  • The Simon’s Way

    BEWARE: THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS AND WE HIGHLY ADVICE WATCHING THE FILM FIRST!   Simon is having dinner at his home close to the border of Armenia with Turkey with his numerous family and friends when all of a […]

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  • Beijing, New York

    Rain Li managed to create in ‘Beijing, New York‘ a work of art any festival would be glad to screen. The story focuses on a love triangle in the period of the economic power shift between America and China. […]

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