• Lucia

    Lucia mourns in front of a cross, possibly a grave (of her beloved one, as the director himself says). She is never going to see him again. Because of her intense sadness she plucks her eyes in front of […]

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  • Never Stop

    ‘Never Stop’ is the music video directed and shot by Josephine Halbert as a soundtrack promotional film for her radio play ‘Jim’ with music by Desert Mountain Tribe.   A young woman is listening to a vinyl of Desert […]

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  • Hani’s Barber Shop

    Hani is trying to run a successful barber’s business. But she has a very preferential way of choosing her clients.   Tomer Werechson’s story is hilarious. Hani, who is now 35, obviously feels she is running out of time […]

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  • The Good Samaritan

    Alex is trying to relocate his lost phone calling his own number. As he is trying to flirt with the unexpected attractive woman’s voice, at the other end of the line he finds himself trapped in a dangerous situation […]

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  • Bedsheets & Cigarettes

    One wakes up one morning and realises their sentimental life has been caught in a vortex of mixed feelings, of confusion and unspoken words. Of all times this present one suddenly feels like it’s the best to get it […]

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  • Northern Lights

    Nicholas Connor’s ‘Northern Lights’ tells the story of Emma, a girl that approaches adulthood, but life isn’t as easy as she thinks it is. Even though she tries to live her live based on her late mother’s expectations, anxiety […]

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  • The Road to Nickelsville

    The modern society is organised based on economic principles. When people stop being ‘economically efficient’, society ‘excludes’ them.   Derek McNeill’s film ‘The Road To Nickelsville’ follows the story of a few selected individuals who have gone homeless and […]

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  • Last Beat

    Music is the passion, soldier is the job. Protect the passion while at ‘work’ and don’t give attention to your comrade’s irony when he mocks your preoccupation. But a bullet interrupts all vanity and pride uniting those in the […]

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  • Fantaisie Impromptu

    While she amuses from a distance a little girl at a neighbouring table by trying to inspire her to eat up her meal, Laura hides deep unfulfilled yearnings. She takes immense delight in attending a piano concerto – she […]

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  • She Who Flew

    A narrator talks about one of his crushes during university. A beautiful bright young woman who turned out to be mentally ill and later commited suicide. Her memory still haunts the narrator’s mind.   Michael Jay Tucker’s experimental animation […]

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