• Fitzgerald

    He gazes contemplatively at the picture of a little girl seemingly lost in the crowd looking at something. As reporters gather around fascinated by the same picture a question arises: ‘What is she looking at?’. The man’s answer, Fitzgerald, […]

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  • Tanguito Argentino

    The Argentinian tango, a passionate dance every one is familiar with that appeared in the 19th century in Argentina and Uruguay developed in working-class neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires, in other words in the street. And that is exactly where […]

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  • Ragamuffin

    ‘Ragamuffin‘ is a short film designed to fit Ragamuffin song of band Silvers Pickups. It is not an Official Music Video but should rather be regarded as a work of passion or simply an exercise of skills. The video […]

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  • Grandfather Fire

    ‘Grandfather Fire‘ is a short student documentary coming from director Emir Luciano Tlachi Sandoval. The film focuses on the traditions in Mexico inherited and preserved by people from their indigenous ancestors. Emir Sandoval’s short flick tells us about the strong […]

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  • Pull Me In

    Traveling alone into space, drifting with no destination, a man is searching for signs of life. A message is eventually intercepted by the spaceman. Is it a familiar figure? Is it coming from the past? Is it from the […]

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  • Everything Must Go

    There comes a time when youth fades away and nothing gets left behind but illness and hardship. It is in these moments of hardship that one starts to feel socially isolated and forced to find creative means to adapt […]

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  • Bridging Color

    An exigent painting professor is giving his students a hard time by trying to teach them the absoluteness of colour. As most of them are constantly trying to keep up with his high expectations some of them who can’t […]

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  • Good Hair

    Frankie and Khi are in a long term relationship. They are both trying to chase their dreams. But while Khi finds it hard to get a job, Frankie has to face the first day at her dream job with […]

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  • The Madame In Black

    Two children, a brother (Alex) and his older sister (Emma), are playing an eerie game inspired from a local legend: they are summoning The Madame In Black in front of the mirror. When 20 years later Alex and Emma […]

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  • Gaming Through New Eyes

    What is it like to be blind as a child? There must be many things you cannot enjoy whilst other kids do. Berk Icel’s short documentary ‘Gaming Through New Eyes‘ tells the story of a young man who has challenged […]

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