• Good Hair

    Frankie and Khi are in a long term relationship. They are both trying to chase their dreams. But while Khi finds it hard to get a job, Frankie has to face the first day at her dream job with […]

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  • The Madame In Black

    Two children, a brother (Alex) and his older sister (Emma), are playing an eerie game inspired from a local legend: they are summoning The Madame In Black in front of the mirror. When 20 years later Alex and Emma […]

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  • Gaming Through New Eyes

    What is it like to be blind as a child? There must be many things you cannot enjoy whilst other kids do. Berk Icel’s short documentary ‘Gaming Through New Eyes‘ tells the story of a young man who has challenged […]

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  • Pasquale’s Magic Veal

    Francine wants to marry Rocco. Before she does this, though, she wants Father McFarlan’s blessing, but she has difficulties in making Rocco collaborate with the Father as a spiritual guide to their marriage. A versed determined father connected to […]

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  • Job Interview

    In a maybe not so distant future, waking up in a world full of pollution, where the sun burns hot and the only source of food – rats – has become scarce, Oogle is waking up full of optimism […]

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  • Safe in the Storm

    There comes a time when life appears to us as it is blocking our way through. We feel disoriented and lonely and fear amplifies: fear we won’t be able to find our way, that we are going to get […]

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  • Bullock the Bruiser

    Bullock the Bruiser is not your average superhero, and he joins the party without spectacular super powers, but is indeed one of a kind in this business.  Based on a story written & directed by Marcelo Mayen, ‘Bullock the […]

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  • Disorder

    Nothing is more sad for a child than being rejected by their peers and excluded from the group. While sometimes this is due to personality issues, other times this happens as a result of parental abuse. Yeounhee has grown […]

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  • A Shadow of Dara

    After having been desolated by the war with an alien race, Earth has been destroyed. But before this has happened a rebellion commander and her team have managed to travel back in time. Their mission is to find and […]

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  • Wir bringen kalten Kaffee mit

    Two neighbours in a caravan park, each with their own caravan, prepare themselves for Christmas, except that one likes Christmas while the other likes… guns and manly tools and is not quite in the Christmas mood. Leo Feisthauer and […]

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