• Visual Sport Translation

      This is what we call “Visual Sport Translation”; it means that the sport shoes are communicated in an unusual way. There is a dancer instead of an athlete. Through his performance, he expresses his own vision and interpretation […]

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  • Narrow The Path

      Made as part of the London 48 Hour Sci-fi Challenge 2017 and also a part of the Anifilic Studios web series SCI-FI 2017: There’s a choice to be made, follow the voice and go into the unknown or […]

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  • 2017: A Press Conference

      As we see our human values threatened by populist demagogues, the barring of free speech and media, and the abuse of democracy and power, we felt the need to organize a press conference to express our concerns and […]

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  • Orazio’s Clan*

      Three gypsy vampires have sworn not to drink human blood until the finding of an unconscious young woman destroys their will power. Things get complicated when they aren’t the only ones interested in the girl…   *Only a […]

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  • Dear International Community

      After travelling to the frontlines of Iraq and the border of Syria for the past several years documenting the war against ISIS, ‘Dear International Community’ is a short video documenting the hundreds of encounters we’ve had across Europe […]

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  • Art of Villainy

      They say Brits play the best villains, but what makes a great villain?   The Art Of Villainy | Fiat Panda Edition from Alun Morgan on Vimeo.

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  • The Great War

      Everything is not as it seems as Francis finds himself caught in the midst of all of earths wars. He has no idea how or why he’s there, the only thing he can remember is having lunch with […]

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  • A Shared House*

      The cheeky, witty Season 2 official trailer of the critically acclaimed online series, A Shared House. It’s been 9 long months since the arrival of an uninvited guest and the house is about to feel a whole lot…smaller. […]

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