• Fracture

      In a reversed world where minorities have now the power, a young man will have to make a choice.  

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  • Ningun Vals

      This is a story within a story within another story. Like a matryoshka doll full of small love tragedies. 1. Osffir, an attractive young woman, escapes through a maze of dark corridors until she reaches an empty cinema, […]

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  • 3 Years in 3 Minutes

      We are People The Kangaroo, an Indie electronic band based in LA, and this is our hand made music video for our song “You Would Not Believe Me”. It’s Alan’s right hand traveling the world for a period […]

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  • Tumba Abierta

      Celica XX call their new album “Ultraviolencia”, the same as Lana del Rey’s “Ultraviolence”. Being sued would have been the least of their problems…  

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