• RiVERS – Memo

      “Memo” is the latest music video from indie rock band RiVERS. This video follows a Bonnie & Clyde like couple, as they undertake their latest robbery. Upon celebration, they look to go bigger by joining forces with another […]

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  • The Boy*

      A musical story about teenage love inspired and produced by ObeDve rock-band and Red Pepper Film   *Only a trailer is available for now.

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  • Ragamuffin

      There are three kinds of love that we will all experience in some form throughout our lives; self-actualization and the pursuit of passion, romantic love, and family love. Each of these has their inherent struggles, but as part […]

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  • Escape

      Hong Kong is notorious for its long working hours among other countries and cities in the world. No matter how fast and efficient you are in a company, you can seldom leave the office before sunset. Yet, some […]

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      The horsewoman has a weird dream. The next morning a stranger in white steals a horse from her stable…  

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  • L’Age d’Or – SAVIOR

      Two young men, Niels and Pierre, murder a couple near a lake in the mountains. A policeman arrives and shoots his gun at Niels. Pierre attacks the policeman but he shoots Niels before being killed. The two men […]

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