• Top 5 Under 5 Pages Screenplay Festivals

    Did you know that J.K. Rowling told the story of a certain wizard named Harry Potter in 4224 pages? That’s all books combined, and it’s quite a fair amount, in all honesty. But this statistic shouldn’t put you off […]

    by julianleu
  • 7 French Films to Watch on France Day

    The countdown to celebrating the National Day of France has begun: seven days left until 14 July. Just like the storming of Bastille way back in 1789 represented a turning point in the French Revolution, French cinema has also […]

    by julianleu
  • Top 7 Films Better Than Their Book

    With just about everything in life, there are general rules as to how one thing or another mainly functions, but there are also exceptions to those rules. One such rule states that in at least 9 out of 10 […]

    by julianleu
  • Top 9 Mobile Film Festivals

    When Motorola demonstrated the first handheld mobile phone back in 1973, little did they know that what they had just designed as a device utilised to enable voice calls without resorting to a landline would eventually evolve into a […]

    by julianleu
  • Top 10 One Minute Film Festivals

    It is an unfortunate reality that since the heightened prevalence of modern technology, attention span levels have dramatically‚Ķ oh look, an email notification. Really, though, in 2015, a group of Canadian researchers calculated the average human attention span: about […]

    by julianleu
  • Top 5 Netflix Shows to Binge Watch This Weekend

    Remember when House of Cards first debuted on Netflix? It took the industry by storm; that here was a high quality full length TV show with an all-star cast, that was bypassing all traditional television formats and premiering directly […]

    by Alexa Berry